Vapor Spirit - Alcohol Vaporizer


Vapor Spirit - Alcohol Vaporizer

The evolution of drinking, it’s as easy as breathing. Liquor is vaporized using the Vapor Spirit and then inhaled giving you a truly unique experience. Vapor Spirit is the natural progression of the way alcohol is consumed. Over the years the alcohol industry has grown to be very complex with many new products, but nothing has truly changed the industry the way Vapor Spirit has. This is the first device that has transformed the way we consume alcohol.

  • Enhanced Flavor
  • Goes Down Smooth
  • Less Calories
  • Fewer Impurities
  • Almost No Hangover!

Included in this package:

  • Vapor Spirit globe
  • Vapor Spirit ring
  • Acrylic straw
  • Plastic funnel
  • pint glass


  1. Place a lit candle in pint glass and place the ring and globe on top of the point.
  2. Funnel 1.5 oz of alcohol (40% or higher) into the globe.
  3. Allow the fire to vaporize the alcohol and wait for condensation to occur in the globe. Use the straw to inhale the alcohol.

Please note the free branded pint glasses are no longer available.