Top Shelf Summer Bitters Bar-Set

Top Shelf Summer Bitters Bar-Set

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This awesome Bar-Set has a bottle each of Lavender, Orange and Mint bitters.

Lavender - The use of this industrious flower from the mint family dates back over two millennia. Revered for its beauty as well as its many uses in medicine, scent and flavour, humanity’s love of Lavender has withstood the test of time.

Flavoured with lavender, lemon peel and orris root, macerated in alcohol, Top Shelf Pluckily-Plucked Lavender Bitters are incredibly versatile. 

Orange - Known as one of the earliest cocktail flavouring agents, orange bitters have been a staple on bars for over 150 years. With the birth of the Manhattan in 1880, orange bitters have played a crucial role in the evolution and revival of the cocktail. 

Top Shelf Just-Picked Orange Bitters combines classic flavours that have withstood the test of time. Cinchona bark, dried ginger, cardamom pods and orange peel, macerated in alcohol, unite for a classic orange flavour with light ginger and woody notes.

Mint - No fresh mint leaves at hand? Top Shelf Deep-Infused Mint Bitters are ideal for adding the refreshing, cooling taste of peppermint to a mojito, mint julep or a simple gin and tonic.

Perfect for the summertime sipper and cold season cocktails, mint breathes refreshing flavours on a hot-day and a warming sensation on cool winter nights. These Deep-Infused Mint Bitters feature a blend of dried mint, orange and lemon peel and gentian root.

This is 3 x 54 ml (1.83 oz) bottle.