Top Shelf Holiday Bitters Bar-Set

Top Shelf Holiday Bitters Bar-Set

The pack includes Top Shelf Spiced-Up Chocolate Bitters, Deep Infused Mint Bitters and Just Picked Orange Bitters. Please note the packaging is plain and does not say Holiday Bitters Gift Pack - we just want to get them to you before we have time to get new images!

Spiced-Up Chocolate Bitters - Top Shelf Vanilla-bean, cinnamon and the bitterness of wormwood accent the rich and dark cacao flavour in Top Shelf Spiced-Up Chocolate Bitters. Bitters are often referred to as the ‘salt & pepper’ of mixology; a dash, splash or smattering of our Spiced-Up Chocolate Bitters a savoury and exotic twist for your favourite cocktails. We also implore you to use Spiced-Up Chocolate Bitters when baking to give your treats a desirable chocolate-vanilla kick.

Deep Infused Mint Bitters - No fresh mint leaves at hand? Top Shelf Deep-Infused Mint Bitters are ideal for adding the refreshing, cooling taste of peppermint to a mojito, mint julep or a simple gin and tonic. Perfect for the summertime sipper and cold season cocktails, mint breathes refreshing flavours on a hot-day and a warming sensation on cool winter nights. Top Shelf Deep-Infused Mint Bitters feature a blend of dried mint, orange and lemon peel and gentian root.

Just Picked Orange Bitters - Known as one of the earliest cocktail flavouring agents, orange bitters have been a staple on bars for over 150 years. With the birth of the Manhattan in 1880, orange bitters have played a crucial role in the evolution and revival of the cocktail. Top Shelf Just-Picked Orange Bitters combines classic flavours that have withstood the test of time. Cinchona bark, dried ginger, cardamom pods and orange peel, macerated in alcohol, unite for a classic orange flavour with light ginger and woody notes.


This is 3 x 54 ml (1.83 oz) bottle.