Tomoka Gold Decanter
Tomoka Gold Decanter


Tomoka Gold Decanter

This 1000 ml decanter looks good with or without any liquor in it because it leaves you wondering how it’s even possible to fit such an intricate ship inside a hand-blown decanter.

Believe it or not, it’s even more pronounced as you and your friends make your way through a few drinks and the ship is slowly revealed.

Here a few other reasons you’ll love this decanter… 

* Carefully Constructed- Wait until you SEE the colored ropes and sails of the ship.

* Purely Made- 100% lead free for a lifetime of enjoyment and memories.

* Optimally Designed- At 1000ml, you have plenty of room left after you put a bottle in it.   

Be Prepared To Answer Questions From Your Friends

No doubt, your friends will want to know where you got this decanter. They’ll especially wonder how it was made- the boat is that IMPRESSIVE.


In 1920 the 18th Amendment went into effect banning the manufacture, sale and distribution of intoxicating liquors. The resulting period was known as Prohibition and it gave rise to rumrunners who illegally transported alcohol into the US by boat. The Tomoka was one of the most famous rum-running ships of the time. It was used to move whiskey and other fine liquors from the Bahamas to the east coast of the United States. In order to get around Prohibition laws, ships would park 3 miles off the coast outside of US jurisdiction in international waters, these floating liquor stores became known as Rum Row.