StrawHopper Recyclable Glass Straw 8"


StrawHopper Recyclable Glass Straw 8"

Why Choose StrawHopper Straws?

StrawHopper glass straws are made from a specific grade of Soda-lime glass, which is chemically inert and recyclable. The surface of the glass is non-porous and smooth which makes it ideal for cleaning. It’s a food grade glass and is regulated by the federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Glass containers are considered “indirect food additives” by the FDA. The FDA has determined that both borosilicate glass and soda-lime silicate glass are Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS).

Strawhopper glass straws are reusable, super durable, kid-friendly, dentist recommended, dishwasher safe, ethically sourced in the USA and manufactured in Canada, good for hot and cold beverages…oh and our friends at Strawhopper, they're just genuinely nice people!

Their glass is BPA-free, Phthalate-free, lead-free, and completely NON-TOXIC!

Fact: StrawHopper will NEVER sell coloured glass. Why? When coloured glass is manufactured, it creates a chemical reaction with the heavy metals that gives it colour. This process causes a lot of air pollution! It’s the only way colour glass is made, so at StrawHopper they say -  NO WAY!

The other benefit of glass straws is “clearly” evident.  No pun intended, of course you can see they are clear. They won’t come apart in your drinks. You can tell if they are clean by looking at them.  Reusable and recyclable glass is far more environmentally friendly. You can wash and reuse glass straws and you won’t be contributing to additional waste.