Split Tree Ginger Vanilla Syrup, 8 oz

Split Tree Ginger Vanilla Syrup, 8 oz

From Split Tree:

Using only fresh white ginger, whole vanilla beans, and sugar this delicious syrup is great with Gin, Rye, Bourbon or Vodka! Ginger Vanilla Syrup balances the zip of fresh spicy ginger with the smooth warmth of vanilla. Mix with soda water to make a soothing ginger ale, or add rum or vodka and a splash of Split Tree Sour Mix to make a Dark & Stormy or a classic Moscow Mule.

    All Split Tree mixes are sold in 8 oz. (250ml) bottles. A typical drink will use between 1/2oz and 1 oz of our mixes. Each bottle will make 8-16 cocktails.

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