Spey Whisky Taster Glass with Lid
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Spey Whisky Taster Glass with Lid

The Spey Whisky Taster with Lid is perfect for whisky tasting events. This copita shaped glass offers a wide bowl for swirling and releasing hidden aromas, while the narrowed rim concentrates the vapours to your nose.

The accompanying Spey Lid is designed to fit perfectly with this Spey Taster Glass. The lid helps keep vapours contained in the glass, ideal for not contaminating your nose when tasting other whiskies.

Product Features:

  • Stemmed whisky tasting glass with lid
  • Stem helps retain temperature of contents
  • Narrow mouth to collect and direct aromas
  • Rounded bowl to swirl contents
  • Includes matching lid designed specifically for the glass – trap whisky vapours in your taster glass – prevents evaporation, saving the angel’s share in your glass
  • Dishwasher safe

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