Salty Paloma Cocktail Rimmer Set

Salty Paloma Cocktail Rimmer Set

Get 3 awesome flavours at a discounted price!

Fiesta - There’s a new party girl in town. Say hola to Salty Paloma Fiesta, with Himalayan sea salt, lime zest and – here’s the twist – grapefruit zest. Did someboday say arrriba?
Dynamite - Calling all wild thangs. Shake things up by spicing things up with Dynamite – Himalayan sea salt, grapefruit zest, dark chocolate and a little kick! of chili.
Heartbreaker - They say it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Well, Heartbreaker’s no exception. With raw cane sugar and grapefruit zest, she keeps it short, sweet, and suspiciously delish.

Each bottle is a 2oz bottle - rims about 50 glasses.