Royal Rose Apricot Syrup, 8 oz

Royal Rose Apricot Syrup, 8 oz

From the Royal Rose website: Fresh, organic apricots plus filtered water and organic cane sugar. Delicious drizzled on yogurt, stirred into seltzer water, or mixed with your favorite spirit. This one is to die for! This is an 8 oz/236 ml bottle.

*Note: this flavor is seasonal and available for a limited time only.

Handcrafted in small batches, this is a delicious line of flavoured syrups, perfect for a wide array of awesome cocktails. We carry the full line, all in 8 oz bottles:

Anise; Apricot; Cardamom-Clove; Fenugreek; Ginger-Lime; Hot Ginger-Lime; Jasmine; Lavender-Lemon; Orange-Vanilla; Raspberry; Rose; Saffron; Strawberry-Fennel; Tamarind; and Three Chiles.

We also sell two Royal Rose gift packs: the Champagne Spirited Cocktail Kit and the Naughty or Nice Moscow Mule Kit.

Cocktail ingredients in Canada!

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