Rocking Whisky Glass - Set of 6
Rocking Whisky Glass - Set of 6
Rocking Whisky Glass - Set of 6
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Rocking Whisky Glass - Set of 6

Standing out from the norm, the Rocking Whisky Glass gives a unique way to serve spirits. The rounded base on this rocks tumbler lets the glass rock from side to side. Due to the heavyweight base, the glass remains upright so there is no fear of spillage.

More than a novelty, the Rocking Whisky Glass also creates a comfortable hold. The rounded base sits in the hand with comfort, meaning you can control swirling with ease.

Experience your whisky like never before with this unique serving idea.

Product Features:

  • Round base whisky tumbler
  • Rocks from side to side when pushed – heavyweight base keeps the glass upright
  • Novel way of swirling your spirits
  • Comfortable hold on the hand
  • Machine made glass
  • Dishwasher safe

This is a set of 6 glasses.

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