Retro Martini Gold Rim - Set of 6
Retro Martini Gold Rim - Set of 6
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Retro Martini Gold Rim - Set of 6

Lead-Free Crystal Martini Glass with Gold Rim

Adding a new dimension to your serves, the Verdot Gold Rim Martini Glass shines out on your bar top. This premium stemware matches lead free crystal with gold plating for luxury drink service. With a high level of transparency the Gold Rim Martini Glass accentuates the contents of the glass. Whether serving a clear martini, or colourful Manhattan, the high quality material shows off the best aesthetics of your drink.

Product Features

  • Lead-free crystal - FDA approved glass with no toxic additives
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Mechanical shock resistance
  • Gold plated rim - hand applied food-safe real gold
  • Cut and polished rim for finer tasting
  • High transparency to accentuate the colour of the contents
  • Pulled stem - seamless for premium visual appreciation
  • Hand wash only