Napa Valley 2016 Vintage Black Walnut Bitters, 2 oz

From Napa Valley Bitters:
Inky, robust and complex. Walnut liqueur 'Nocino' as a bitters. Silky smooth vanilla, cinnamon and baking spices set the stage for a delicate citrus and herbal bitter sweet structure. 

These limited edition Barrel Aged Black Walnut bitters take 18 months to produce.Every year on St John's Day - June 24th - we pick unripe 'green' black walnuts from the same three trees in Napa on Big Ranch Road. This is the day that Italians generally harvest the walnuts as at the ripeness level one is still able to cut the walnut into quarters. The clear liquid that is secreted from the walnut is magic - dyeing everything dark red brown then black like henna. Yes, including our hands and the base alcohol. A hefty amount of fresh zest, herbs, botanicals and spices are then added for 30 days. Once removed the liquid is allowed to mellow for a full year until we re-introduce more herbs and botanicals for a further 30 days. The process culminates with 2 months of barrel aging to give it a sophisticated and rich textured mouth-feel and subtle oak aroma. 

This is a 2 oz bottle with dropper. We carry a variety of Napa Valley bitters flavours.

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