Hole-In-One Golf Tumblers
Hole-In-One Golf Tumblers

Hole-In-One Golf Tumblers

Cheer on your favourite team with the perfect tumbler! Whiskey, spirits or sodas….and so much more!

  • The perfect size for large ice cubes
  • Non-slip base is made of BPA-free food-grade silicone and doubles as a coaster
  • Liquid Glow Enhancer: The inside bottom of each glass is reflective to bring out the true colour of your spirit
  • Includes 2 glasses - each glass holds up to 12 oz (350 ml)
  • Care: Washing Glass: Separate silicone bottom from glass and remove reflective disk before washing. Do not wash reflective disc inside dishwasher. Ensure the base and reflective disk are completely dry after washing and before storing away.