Diamond Shaped 1000ml Glass Liquor/Wine Decanter


Diamond Shaped 1000ml Glass Liquor/Wine Decanter

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A collectible decanter that’s as practical as it is beautiful.

You know it’s easy to find any old decanter but it’s nearly impossible to discover one that…

  • Traps all the wonderful flavors inside without leakage.
  • Contains 100% glass in the decanter AND stopper.
  • Feels solid in your hand when you go to pour it.
  • Fits an entire 750ml bottle with room to spare.

And here’s what else you can look forward to:

“This is such a conversation piece!”

You’ll feel proud to see this decanter being used each time you have friends and family over. Everyone will be impressed by the look of it. They’ll want to know where you got it and if there are any more left (which will not always be the case).

“The packaging it came in was so nice.”

Since this is meant to be the perfect gift we knew we had to design our packaging to rise to the occasion. That’s why each step of our process has been carefully thought through so it can repeatedly surprise and delight you.

But…there is a limited amount available

These decanters are made in small batches by master craftsman so there are only a limited quantity available, so don't miss out!