Cubana Mixing Glass
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Cubana Mixing Glass

This is one big sexy mama of a mixing glass. It has a capacity of 1 L and stands 19.0 cm (7-7/16 inches) tall, perfect for making large batches of your favourite cocktail. The shape is really funky too, I feel confident it’s gonna be turning heads. ~Donna

Oh, and please note one more thing: The photo above is the only one I could get from the manufacturer, but note that this mega mixing glass does NOT come with a mixing spoon/rod as pictured. You just get the mixing glass itself. ~Kennedy

Another note: All of the mixing glasses on our site should be handwashed only. Please do not put these expensive items in a dishwasher, we've heard some awful stories about lovely mixing glasses being cracked and broken in dishwashers.

Donna and Kennedy

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