Black Cloud Bitters Sample Pack

Black Cloud Bitters Sample Pack

Black Cloud provides a sample pack which includes five 1 oz bottles of bitters. Sample packs are a fabulous option for enthusiasts who want to Step Into The Storm but do not where to start. They are also a thoughtful gift any time of year.

The sample packs includes 1 oz bottles of the following flavours below.


Charred Cedar  - Charred Cedar is a unique blend of rich botanicals and Canadian cedar that has been charred to perfection with vanilla and caramel notes. Pair this bitter with a bourbon, or rye whiskey.

Black & Blue - Vanilla and cacao are surrounded by the aroma of pungent black berries and blue berries.  Ginger dances amidst a collection of botanicals. Pair this bitter with a bourbon, rye whiskey, neutral grain spirit or champagne.

Garden Party - Modern mixologists are equipped by nature to forage for their natural ingredients. Garden party captures the spirit of the nightly forage by bringing together crisp cucumber and celery amidst a magical blend of garden herbs and botanicals. Pair this savoury bitter with a neutral grain spirit.

Saffron Mango - The spice trail transcends Spain, Morocco, India, and more. Saffron Mango bitters lead you down this trail against the backdrop of vanilla, peppercorns, and cardamom. Pair this bitter with either a bourbon, rye whiskey, neutral grain spirit or champagne. 

Prairie Rose  - Proud is the cowboy. Unique is the Prairie Rose bitter. Rose petals and rose hips are blended with a collection of berries and botanicals to recreate the stoic aroma of the prairies. Pair this bitter with either a bourbon, rye whiskey or neutral grain spirit.

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