Apothecary Spirit Fire Cherry Cedar Bitters, 4 oz

Apothecary Spirit Fire Cherry Cedar Bitters, 4 oz

From The Apothecary Bitters website:

Our Spirit Fire Cherry Cedar bitters are the one that really started this whole bitters journey of ours. Fragrant and delicious, the bold primary flavors of dried cherry and cedar wood are supported by an undercurrent of anise, dark fruits and a woodsy note.

Spirits: The fruit notes combined with the darker, richer flavors allow them to work well in nearly any application, but they really shine with rye, gin and sweet vermouth.

Ideas: Try them in a Manhattan, a Martini or a Sazerac, for a twist on a classic.

Tasting Notes: Aroma notes of dark cherries, cedar forest, anise and pepper. Taste follows with tart cherries, cinnamon, wood, molasses, sweetness and a cinchona bitterness.

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