Apothecary Mystic Caravan Smokey Pear Bitters, 4 oz

Apothecary Mystic Caravan Smokey Pear Bitters, 4 oz

From The Apothecary Bitters website:

Our Mystic Caravan Smokey Pear bitters are a unique and intriguing blend of flavors that work wonders in cocktails. Rich and aromatic, these bitters use several varieties of pear for a complex fruit profile that is complemented wonderfully by a bold smoke aroma and taste. Combine that with an undertone of lemon, spice and tannins, and these bitters will take your drink to the next level.

Spirits: Extremely versatile and an excellent accent note for cocktails, these bitters work especially well with brandy (especially Calvados), scotch and most amaro.

Ideas: Try them in a Vieux Carre, a scotch Old Fashioned or a Boulevardier.

Tasting Notes: Aroma notes of forest smoke, cooked pear, cloves and honey. Taste follows with subtle wood smoke, rich pear, nutmeg, spice and a light sweetness.

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