Eli Mason Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer, 10 oz


Eli Mason Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer, 10 oz

From the Eli Mason website: Eli Mason’s Old Fashioned cocktail mixer is handcrafted with premium bitters, cane sugar, and organic gomme syrup for a refined taste and rich texture.

Eli Mason helps you bring craft cocktails home with robust, classically inspired mixers, spirit-forward and made by hand in Nashville, Tennessee. Our mission is to introduce the classics to a wider audience to help keep these traditional drinks alive. All of our mixers are non-alcoholic. Just add your favorite spirit and stir to create a libation worthy of your good taste.

At The Crafty Bartender, Donna and Kennedy (that's us!) are proud to support other small businesses as they work hard to create delicious cocktail ingredients.

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